Set of 6 hand-engraved rings

Set of 6 hand-engraved rings by Tania Petit from an extract of Félix Arvers' poem.


"Nothing captivates me more than black - to project myself into the darkness, hidden under the abyssal depths and blinded by nocturnal mysteries.. these aesthetics remind me those of corto maltese, Ridley Scott in "Blade Runner" and Pierre Soulages, which inspire me on a daily basis through their experimental material play. In order to pay tribute to the writers who are dear to me, poems have been engraved on silver rings. " 

Above all, the realization of this collaboration Willy Cartier x Face Factory, is a true team effort. Willy Cartier wanted his artist friends, french painter Jack Servoz and jewellery designer Tania Petit, to convey his artistic vision with their remarkable work, in order to fulfill one of the designer's deepest wishes.


The creations of Willy Cartier are fragments of life, observations, and personal interpretation. A singular association of revisited inspirations and modern techniques.

350,00 €

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